[fpc-devel] get/put in fpc

Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Sat Oct 10 17:57:56 CEST 2015


> > > In addition you might be the biggest ISO user
> > > of FPC yet :) (which will hopefully help to find more bugs in that mode
> > > ;) )
> >
> > Well, assuming that it gets off the ground and I can compile my
> > programs ...
> I hope so. And we do after all want FPC to become fully ISO compliant
> as well so any feedback regarding this is appreciated.

Fabulous!  Years ago I looked at FPC and couldn't use it.  I see now
what I wrote on my web page:


> WARNING: Free Pascal or any other Borland Turbo Pascal based
> compiler will NOT WORK with Delila programs. That compiler does not
> understand file pointers and the get() and put() functions, which
> are part of the original Jensen and Wirth Pascal. Unfortunately
> these compilers do not follow the ISO standard.

Silly that I had to figure those things out again this time ...

> I only asked, because maybe we're going to add support for Extended
> Pascal as well and then we could have at least tried to prioritize
> features that you need.

Only the ability to get date and time.  If the format is the same as
used by GPC, then I wouldn't have to substitute modules.


As with GPC I need to violate the ISO to be able to call these
functions.  The critical code is in module readdatetime which defines
where in the date and time strings various things are expected.

I'm very much looking forward to an ISO compliant FPC!!



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