[fpc-devel] New FPC language/dialect MODE, Generics.Collections and new branch

Maciej Izak hnb.code at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 20:03:01 CEST 2015

2015-07-17 17:44 GMT+02:00 Paul van Helden
> Veteran Pascal programmer here...
> I haven't really started using it yet, but I read through the whole
> Oxygene documentation the other day. (Didn't take long ;-) )
> The Oxygene dialect is absolutely beautiful in my opinion. Lots of things
> in there that I've been wanting for decades and many stupid things dropped
> completely.

Nice to hear that. You are probably unique "Veteran Pascal programmer" ;)

I agree with the OP that the Delphi language had become uglier and uglier.
> I want a programming language that looks good when I write it. This is why
> I am still using Object Pascal and not Java or C#. If FPC's only goal is
> Delphi compatibility, then perhaps I won't be on this list anymore some
> years from now.
> The world is looking for a new language. That is why we recently got
> Google's Go and Apple's Swift. I believe a modern and clean dialect of
> Object Pascal has a "leg-up" on both of these.

The Truly Truest Truth :) , especially part about Delphi

Best regards,
Maciej Izak
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