[fpc-devel] New FPC language/dialect MODE, Generics.Collections and new branch

Maciej Izak hnb.code at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 09:31:03 CEST 2015

2015-07-17 9:10 GMT+02:00 Michael Van Canneyt:

> I think you better choose some more neutral name: GenPas or so.

IMO GenPas is good name.

> You are free to do so, no-one will stop you. Your work will surely be
> integrated.
> But I advise against it: The Pascal community is splintered as it is: FPC,
> Delphi, Oxygene. Creating another dialect will not help, because your code
> will only be usable in that dialect.

I don't want to introduce too many new syntax elements, only best possible
combination of existing dialects elements. In the new dialect we can clean
up few things. The main ideas of new dialect -> less is more and KISS.

> Listening to all these arguments, I cannot help but think:
> Poor C devs. They are really backwards. One wonders how the Linux kernel
> and Windows OS got where they are today.

We have different opinions but thanks that, we can achieve good result. :)

best regards,
Maciej Izak
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