[fpc-devel] Debugging embedded targets on a Mac just got a lot easier & nicer...

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Mon Jul 13 21:30:10 CEST 2015

I have been waiting for this day quite a while now...

Finally there is a good low level debugger for embedded targets on Mac, 
Linux and Windows...

As a owner of the Freescale K64F Board (with a Cortex-M4 Chip on it) I 
can replace the on-board debugger with a free version of JLink-Debugger.

Today now the company behind the JLink Debugger also released a tool 
named 'JLinkDebugger' for the Mac. This tools has been available for a 
while for Windows and Linux, but I never liked the hassle to bring up a 
virtual machine to start it on my Mac.

The nice thing is that when you also load the CMSIS-svd file for your 
chip you also have access to all Peripheral-Registers from within the 

And best of all, it works pretty good with FreePascal Binaries....

If there is more interst in this I can add some documentation to the 
FreePascal Wiki...


Here's a screenshot:


..... this thing should also work with PIC32MX microcontrollers, will 
give this a try tomorrow.....

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