[fpc-devel] Capability CPUARM_HAS_BLX_LABEL with ARM instruction set

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 20:06:53 CET 2015

Sven, the FPC community is not that large as that of C, or Java, or Go. Our
figurative slice of potential users is reduced further when qualified as
FPC on the Raspberry Pi. My response to Garry was a sort of "Hey we both
like FPC and Pi, maybe some of us can band together to benefit FPC on Pi".
My thinking  was that splitting the conversation into separate thread would
create more fracture and less union.

It is up to Gary to decide if my comment was an unwanted diversion. Gary,
if you are reading this and feel I was diverting your original message in
an unwanted manner, then I apologize.
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