[fpc-devel] safecall_exceptions in OSX

David Jenkins david at scootersoftware.com
Wed Nov 12 15:45:54 CET 2014

Thanks Jonas,

I enabled tf_safecall_exceptions for system_i386_darwin_info and it is 
working for my particular need.

I am using jcl (JclCompression) and the unix port of 7zip (p7zip) to 
provide 7z support for our app.  Official current JclCompression is 
MSWINDOWS only and uses safecall for the interface connections to the 
7z.dll.  By enabling the safecall result passing for darwin I am able to 
use JclCompression with 7z.so with only slight modifications.  So far I 
have seen no issues.  I would not claim that this is a full test of 
XPCOM/safecall_exceptions on OSX.

David Jenkins

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