[fpc-devel] safecall_exceptions in OSX

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sat Nov 8 11:22:39 CET 2014

On 08/11/14 00:15, David Jenkins wrote:
> I have been using the safecall functionality in linux and it has been
> working.  I now am porting the same code to OSX and find that
> safecall_exceptions is not turned on.  In particular I need the
> functionality that catches the HRESULT and passes it back to the calling
> function.  I see that tf_safecall_exceptions is only enabled in
> tsysteminfo for i_linux and i_win.
> Is it possible to enable tf_safecall_exceptions for i_macos.

Safecall is a concept that was introduced by Microsoft under Windows,
and as a result initially was only enabled there (*). Later, Mozilla
sort of created a similar concept for its XPCOM framework, which is why
Joost enabled, tested and fixed it also under Linux. This functionality
was however never tested or verified under OS X, which is why it is not
enabled there.

It can only be enabled under OS X if someone tests that the current
implementation works with XPCOM there as well.


PS: OS X-related information is not in i_macos (that's for Mac OS 9 and
earlier), but in i_bsd (because Darwin at the user level is considered
as a BSD variant)

(*) Well, originally it was enabled everywhere, but generated broken
code on all targets except for Windows.

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