[fpc-devel] fp without X

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Mon Mar 17 18:08:11 CET 2014

On 3/17/2014 1:18 AM, Thaddy wrote:
> This is easy to fix : the encoding of your remote shell is set wrong. If you use

sorry but there is no remote shell... this is sitting at the local console with 
no X running...

thanks for the thought, though ;)

> PuTTY, go to "Window|Translations|Remote Character set" and set to UTF8.
> Then go to session and save! it.
> Other remote shells should have similar options.
> Thaddy
> On 16-3-2014 22:08, waldo kitty wrote:
>> i'm not sure this is the proper area for this... if it is not, please point me
>> to the proper list...
>> i've a ubuntu system that i'm trying to run fp on... X does *not* start
>> automatically... i'm working from the virtual console(s) 99% of the time...
>> what i'm seeing and trying to solve is the frames in fp are showing up as
>> diamond characters... after i got the help stuff loading properly, i noted
>> that when i switched away from the editor frame, it showed the single line
>> frame characters and the help frame was all diamonds... closing the help and
>> returning to the editor switched the editor frame back to diamonds...
>> i found the document in the share directory that speaks of
>> /etc/syscontrol/console but my ubuntu system doesn't have such... i did find
>> something online where i was able to change my console font from VGA to
>> Terminus and a few others but none of them have helped...
>> in the above mentioned document, it also speaks of the grab_vcsa tool... i
>> tried linking this from my ~/development (created by fpcup) but ended up
>> having to actually copy the binary to /usr/local/bin (in my path and where i
>> selected to place it) and then set it to owner:group root... i also set the
>> SUID bit as the document mentions but even this has not helped...
>> looking at my freepascal installs on my winwhatever and OS/2 machines, i see
>> that the frame is normally the double line frame characters and that it does
>> switch to the single line frame characters when selecting another window in fp...
>> TERM=linux
>> LANG=en_US.UTF-8
>> 1. what am i missing to solve this?
>> 2. will fixing this in the console cause problems when i do run the X GUI and
>> open a xterm (or other) console so as to be able to work from the command line?
>> thanks for any assistance! :)
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