[fpc-devel] odbcconn.pas

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 11:25:02 CET 2014

On 13/03/2014 00:06, Nathan Wild wrote:
> I have been transitioning my work over from Delphi to Lazarus.  For the
> most part it has been smooth and satisfying experience.  I'm loving
> Lazarus and FPC and being unburdened by closed source proprietary stuff
> in general.
Good to hear that ;)

> The majority of the work I do requires connections to a Pervasive
> database (from Btrieve v6 all the way up to the most current).  I should
> be able to do this via ODBC.  I have no problem reading data, executing
> queries, etc. but as soon I try and act on a TSQLQuery using methods
> like .Delete(), .Append(), etc. everything appears to work fine, but as
> soon as the dataset refreshes my changes disappear.  I can write to the
> same tables using INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE queries without issue.
> Am I missing something stupid?
We don't know your code, so no idea... <open door> Are you .Posting the

To give you an idea, the GUI/RAD tutorials
should work with odbc as well as with other dbs; just use odbcconn..

Also, you could have a look at the database test suite:

The info on
you probably already know about as you can connect etc.
Please feel free to document any hints/tips/needed additions for
Pervasive there...

You could create a minimal test program based on
and post on the forum
with an attachment.

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