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Nathan Wild nathan.wild at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 00:06:27 CET 2014

I have been transitioning my work over from Delphi to Lazarus.  For the
most part it has been smooth and satisfying experience.  I'm loving Lazarus
and FPC and being unburdened by closed source proprietary stuff in general.

The majority of the work I do requires connections to a Pervasive database
(from Btrieve v6 all the way up to the most current).  I should be able to
do this via ODBC.  I have no problem reading data, executing queries, etc.
but as soon I try and act on a TSQLQuery using methods like .Delete(),
.Append(), etc. everything appears to work fine, but as soon as the dataset
refreshes my changes disappear.  I can write to the same tables using
INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE queries without issue.

Am I missing something stupid?

I see a lot of changes to this unit by marco, lacak and joost.  If any of
you or anyone familiar with the SQLODBC stuff are on this list I would love
to chat with you about this, either via email or better still, on the IRC
channel.  I'm nateloaf on IRC, and try to be online most of the time.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer.  This vital link in the chain is
the only thing preventing me from ditching Delphi for all new projects!

*Nathan T. Wild*
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