[fpc-devel] New targets for FPC - Windows Phone 8 and Flash

Sergio Flores relfos at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 23:07:58 CEST 2014

What is the current state of Windows Phone 8 for FPC?

Also, would anyone have interest in support Flash as a FPC target?
It is possible to compile C++ to .swf, so having the same capacity for FPC
would be great!
There is a open source project called FlashPascal that does exactly this,
I've contacted the developers but sadly they abandoned it, and that
compiler only supports a small subset of object pascal.

In theory adding Windows Phone should be simple no? It is a ARMv7 target,
we already support this.
In the other hand Flash would be a completly new arch, that could take a
year or more, and I'm guess there is not really that much interest in such

If not, anyone interested in trying to add support for any of those two
I'm willing to pay for someone to add either those targets to the compiler,
as I really want to port my existing games for both Windows Phones and for
the web via Flash.

Or if anyone is willing to take me as a FPC apprentice I can try to do it
I'm am a experienced programmer, just don't know much about FPC internals.
Sadly there is not enough documentation for an outsider to be able to do
such thing without spendings months just studying the compiler source.
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