[fpc-devel] Windows DirectX9

Adriaan van Os fpc at microbizz.nl
Sun Dec 7 12:51:50 CET 2014

Michael Thompson wrote:
> The most up-to-date/maintained version ships with Pilot Logic's 
> CodeTyphon.   Pilot Logic derived their version from the port by forum 
> user TheBlackSheep, and in turn TheBlackSheep derived his version from 
> the one listed above.  

Thanks for the hint, but I couldn't find DirectX in the Pilot Logic's CodeTyphon downloads.

Sven Barth wrote
> Currently everyone gets the full package of packages even if they aren't needed. So it's more useful to have a repository where everyone can download those packages he needs. Other languages have similar approaches (e.g. Python and Ruby if I remember correctly).

How does this work ? Does one assemble a package, put it on a server and then submit the URL ?


Adriaan van Os

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