[fpc-devel] Option -Wp does not work with new embedded target

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Tue Dec 2 13:05:29 CET 2014

you can find a lot of information on CMSIS here:


To download the svd-files you need to create a free account @arm.com, 
then you can download lots of svd files for all major chips.

It is even easier when you have a license for the keil ide, they provide 
a tool that makes downloading the files even easier (and sometimes files 
are a little more up-to-date)

My first attempt was to convert the .h files to .pp (I still have some 
programs to do that), the problem there is that sometimes the header 
files are incomplete, the definitions for the bits in the registers is 
often missing.

The .svd files are xml files that are quite easy to parse and they 
usually contain all the information on the bit level. And the nice thing 
is that no cleanup is necessary ;-)


Am 01.12.14 um 20:33 schrieb Sietse Achterop:
>     Hello list,
> @Florian: thanks for finding my error. I saw that something was case 
> insensitive, but not in this way(:
>           it now works!
> @Michael:
> On 11/30/2014 08:14 PM, Michael Ring wrote:
>> Please download my diff here:
>> http://temp.michael-ring.org/fpc-arm.diff
>> Please have a look at the rtl-files I provide (and tell me if you 
>> like the way I created them) , they are automagically created out of 
>> the CMSIS sources provided by ARM&ST.
> I had a short look at them. It looks clean.
> But I am curious, how did you create them. I also started from the 
> source from ARM&ST. I used programs that I found on the Internet like 
> h2pas, en 2 versions of c2pas.
> But they only partly did the job, so there still was quit some 
> handwork needed to get it to compile.
> And it still needs a lot of cleaning up.
> If I have it properly working, I want to make the ST-libraries for the 
> standard I/O and USB available. I think I will not try to translate it 
> into Pascal, but directly
> use the ST-libraries from C.
>     (I use STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib_V2.1.0)
>   I'll keep you informed.
>       Sietse
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