[fpc-devel] Option -Wp does not work with new embedded target

Sietse Achterop s.achterop at rug.nl
Mon Dec 1 20:33:25 CET 2014

     Hello list,

@Florian: thanks for finding my error. I saw that something was case insensitive, but not in this way(:
           it now works!


On 11/30/2014 08:14 PM, Michael Ring wrote:
> Please download my diff here:
> http://temp.michael-ring.org/fpc-arm.diff
> Please have a look at the rtl-files I provide (and tell me if you like the way I created them) , they are automagically created out of the CMSIS sources provided by ARM&ST.
I had a short look at them. It looks clean.
But I am curious, how did you create them. I also started from the source from ARM&ST. I used programs that I found on the Internet like h2pas, en 2 versions of c2pas.
But they only partly did the job, so there still was quit some handwork needed to get it to compile.
And it still needs a lot of cleaning up.
If I have it properly working, I want to make the ST-libraries for the standard I/O and USB available. I think I will not try to translate it into Pascal, but directly
use the ST-libraries from C.
     (I use STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib_V2.1.0)

   I'll keep you informed.

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