[fpc-devel] 0025241: [Discussion] Reimplementing of floating-point <-> ASCII conversions

Max Nazhalov stein_nospam at mail.ru
Thu Oct 31 15:32:17 CET 2013

To Jonas Maebe (regarding tstrreal2.pp):

7                {$else FPC_HAS_TYPE_EXTENDED}
8                     '0.10000000000000001',
9                {$endif FPC_HAS_TYPE_EXTENDED}

This one might be from the GRISU1_F2A_AGRESSIVE_ROUNDUP define. It
fixes some tests on some platforms, but potentially could brake the same
tests on another ones.. This workaround was added in the very last
stage of development, and should not break correctness if undefined
(indeed, it should recover it, and break some tests too ).

WBR, Max.

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