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But what in fact is the advantage of a single Linux app per VM and multiple
> VMs over multiple apps in a multitasking Linux Kernel ?

Main advantage is: ISOLATION
You can provide appliances of your freepascal application being confident
that there will be no dependencies issues, no conflicts with other
libraries shared between applications, being able to deploy on all kind of
heterogeneous hardware with a single appliance image of your application
(ie: x64 compliance), since it contains the whole stack Kernel +
Application exactly as you validated it during your development.

(I see advantages of VMs when (a) using multiple OSes and/or (b) using
> special VM(-ware) features such as hardware migrating and scaling by
> automatically moving VMs from one hardware to another.

same advantages also apply to single application embedded into appliances,

actually sysadmins prefer deploying multiple applications into the same
Linux VM, is because of the overhead of the Linux kernel per VM, (and you
can imagine with Windows VM the overhead),

now, with the OSV.io approach, this overhead is no longer an issue, and it
allows to deploy 1 VM per App without overhead with all the benefits of
perfect isolation, (looking even closer to containers)

since FPC motto (leit motiv) is about writing once and compiling everywhere,
I was bringing this topic on the table in order to trigger some interest to
target such environment,
moreover, the work to be done maybe very minimalistic as reading this page:

maybe it is only a question of flags on the command line when invoking FPC
to compile existing project,

and I am ready to offer a bounty of 500 euros for the first developer
providing simple freepascal sample program compiling for OSV,  instructions
to upload and run this sample freepascal program on OSV.io

any developer ready to grab this challenge ?
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