[fpc-devel] where do download BinUtils for ARM - Raspberry Pi?

Paul Breneman Paul2006 at BrenemanLabs.com
Sat Jun 29 19:28:07 CEST 2013

On 06/29/2013 08:58 AM, Michel Catudal wrote:
> Le 2013-06-21 03:32, Michael Schnell a écrit :
>> I don't understand why RPI (still) gets so much interest.
>> A friend of mine just bought two BeagleBone "Black" boards for € 38.- (+VAT) each. With the extremely versatile and well supported TI 1 GHz chip (that is taken from TI's "AM..." series of devices for "embedded" use instead of for "cellphone" use), with
>> 512 MB RAM and additional "internal SD-Card", and with a HDMI socket.
>> He is up to try to install and develop with FPC/Lazarus ASAP. (Please com back with any question on that behalf, I'm going to forward them.)
>> I definitively would use this board for my future "embedded" projects.
>> -Michael
> In the US it is $45 each plus shipping. Tax is added if you order from the same state. For someone who doesn't have the money for an HDMI monitor, it does have a RCA connector for NTSC (or PAL) video. It has access to GPIO but so does the BeagleBone so the
> only thing I can see that would have some value would be for those who cannot afford to buy a decent computer monitor or don't care how bad the picture can be. I got one of those to see what the big fuzz was about. If I had to choose between the two, it
> would not be my choice.
> An odroid is much superior (2G of RAM). While on vacation in Québec I tried it out on a 50 inches HD TV. I was able to play movies with it, using Funtoo Linux.
> If you want hard disk the Mele A2000G might be a better choice, it has 1G of RAM, a connector for sata hard disk and includes wifi support plus more. I was able to create gentoo on it with no problem. It is not as nice to play video as the odroid which has
> a 4 cores arm device.
> Michel

Hi Michel,

I was glad to see your AVR32 FPC releases on your web page:

Since your stuff is related to embedded stuff ("stuff" is one of my 
favorite technical terms) I plan to add a link to your page several 
places on my site when I next update it:


How the BBB and RPi differ (a recent list subject to change/correction):
1) With the RPi the RAM is soldered on top of the CPU, a very
critical technology only a few shops can offer.
2) The ARM1176JZF-S (RPi) is vfpv2 which supports floating point 
exceptions whereas the Am335x chip (BeagleBone) is vfpv3 and does not 
provide such support.
3) The RPi boots up via the GPU whereas the BBB boots up normal.  This 
is one reason my linux-cnc friend (see below) gave up on using the RPi 
for his real-time stuff.


An engineer who lives near to me recently got linux-cnc working on the 
BB and also the BB Black:

There are a few links for the RPi, BB, and Arduino near the top of this 


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