[fpc-devel] BBB / PRUS / M3 and fpc

Travis Siegel tsiegel at softcon.com
Tue Dec 3 14:10:43 CET 2013

While we're on the topic of proprietary processors.  I have been idly  
wondering how difficult it would be to port fpc to generate code for  
another processor.  It's from parallax, and is an 8-core chip, running  
at 80MHZ, but can be overclocked to 100MHZ with another timing crystal  
which they also sell.  It has two different types of programming  
languages.  One is assembler for that particular brand of cpu, and the  
other one is a language that is kind of a cross between python and  
basic.  They have ported gcc so it generates code for the propeller  
boards.  Any idea how much trouble it would be to hack fpc to generate  
code for it?
It can be found at http://www.parallax.com for those who are  
interested.  It's got quite a collection of sensors add-on boards, and  
the like to make it quite the usable board in hobby and even pro  
projects.  I have to admit I'm not real thrilled with their  
programming choices, so if I could somehow manage to get fpc to  
generate code, I think I'd be extremely happy. :)
Just idle curiosity at this point, but if it turns out that it's  
relatively easy to do a port, I may attempt it.

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