[fpc-devel] fpc AVR32

Jeppe Græsdal Johansen jjohan07 at student.aau.dk
Wed Oct 24 20:50:08 CEST 2012

Are you using the code from branches/laksen/avr32new or something older?

And have you managed to fixed the non-aligned access bugs, that was 
where I got stuck?


Den 24-10-2012 20:33, Michel Catudal skrev:
> I have started work on the fpc avr32. I used the patches from Laksen 
> to get started but am using the newer released fpc as a code base.
> So far I have added support for the following processors :
> at32uc3b0256es
> at32uc3b0256
> at32uc3b1256es
> at32uc3b1256
> at32uc3c0512crevc
> at32uc3c0512c
> at32uc3c1512crevc
> at32uc3c1512c
> at32uc3l016
> at32uc3l032
> at32uc3l064
> at32uc3l116
> at32uc3l132
> at32uc3l164
> at32uc3l216
> at32uc3l232
> at32uc3l264
> at32uc3l316
> at32uc3l332
> at32uc3l364
> Since Atmel will eventually discontinue the AVR32 that runs Linux, I 
> have no plan to do any work on AVR32 Linux.
> I still need to write some evaluation code for the LCD, EEPROM, I2C, 
> CAN, LIN, etc. I won't include that into the compiler but as an addon.
> I am going to use the evaluation board AT32UC3C-EK to test the code 
> for the at32uc3c0512crevc part and the EVK1101 for the at32uc3b0256es.
> My debugging tool is JTAGICE mkII.
> If anyone has newer evaluation boards and wish to work on this, you 
> will have to adapt my code for those boards.
> For the at32uc3c0512c the difference is the ethernet port and the bugs 
> in the watchdog. The most obnoxious watchdog bugs were fixed in the 
> production release.
> Does anyone know if the ethernet is actually present in the 
> engineering sample despite the specs that tells otherwise?
> For the uc3b differences are kind of important but for most code they 
> are minuscule. The clock is a bit different. Code can be arranged to 
> used either this processor or a newer one.
> I don't have any uc3l devices so I won't mess with this for now.
> I have copied source and binaries on my website. I compiled the code 
> under Scientific Linux 6.2 which is a free version of Linux that uses 
> the source of Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.
> How do I get an account so I can put my code on a directory on the fpc 
> svn?
> Michel

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