[fpc-devel] More on freepascal armhf porting attempt, some progress made but now stuck.

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Sun Mar 11 23:23:03 CET 2012

> NR_S0<>NR_D0: they can be identified by the sub type. Further, one can
> perfectly assign NR_S1 to any location explicitly.
Umm, my copy of narmcon.pas contains the following.

NR_S0 = tregister($04060000);
NR_S1 = tregister($04060000);
NR_D0 = tregister($04070000);

I can see how the compiler can tell whether i'm assigning S0 or D0 but I 
don't see how it can tell whether I am assigning S0 or S1 when the 
constants I would use to make the assignment are defined to have the 
exact same value.

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