[fpc-devel] More on freepascal armhf porting attempt, some progress made but now stuck.

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Sun Mar 11 12:36:40 CET 2012

Am 11.03.2012 12:01, schrieb peter green:
> It appears to me (i'm not  an expert on arm assembler and I can't seem
> to find any documentation on FPA) that FPC is generating FPA
> instructions even though the FPU is set to a VFP type. What i'm really
> struggling to work out is why the heck that is happening. From telling
> freepascal to include source lines as comments in the assembler it
> doesn't look like inline assembler is responsible.

Can you please post the full assembler listing of a procedure containing
such code?

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