[fpc-devel] New less verbose compilation of trunk

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Mar 7 13:02:58 CET 2012

In our previous episode, Henry Vermaak said:
> >> PS:
> >> Adding any more (if possible) parallel compilation support would be
> >> awesome too. This already saves me over 1 minute in compile time on my
> >> quad core. Yes, I hate it if CPU's just sit idle.
> >
> > IIRC add  FPMAKEOPT='-T 3'   (3= number of paralel threads)
> This makes a big difference for me:
> Without FPCMAKEOPT: 1m48.056s
> With FPCMAKEOPT="-T 9": 1m13.833s
> Unfortunately, cycling the compiler is taking really long and -j 9 isn't 
> helping much (or at all).

fpmake only handles packages/.

fpmake (or make -j the way FPC used it in the past) can't really speed up
runs that are a single compiler invocation (like the compiler), unless it
can run two such runs in paralel.

In packages this is possible, in the compiler cycle compiler depends on RTL,
and the "next" rtl depends on the "previous" compiler, so nothing can be
done there.

To exploit paralellism in single compiler invocations, threading should be
brought into the compiler, but that is an huge and uncertain job.

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