[fpc-devel] Xlib and XCB: any plans?

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Mon Mar 5 08:22:13 CET 2012

On Sunday 04 of March 2012 18:42:15 Giuliano Colla wrote:
> I'm attempting to contribute to the CustomDrawn components project for
> Lazarus.
> One of the target platforms is X, and we may take advantage of the X and
> Xlib units of fpc. However Xorg discourages the usage of Xlib for new
> developments, and suggests the usage of XCB instead. What's the
> situation of fpc in respect of XCB?
> It would be frustrating to start from scratch with h2pas, to discover
> that someone else has already done all what's required!

And what about older X installations ?

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