[fpc-devel] Misterious error

Sergei Gorelkin sergei_gorelkin at mail.ru
Mon Jan 2 21:27:50 CET 2012

02.01.2012 14:16, Sergei Gorelkin пишет:
> 31.12.2011 23:17, José Mejuto пишет:
>> I'll be very happy in test any change you may want to try before
>> commit to SVN. This kind of problems seems to be very difficult to
>> catch, so I'll try to not change my codebase while you investigate in
>> order to be able to raise the error as needed.
>> Another hint, my problem appears at close time and only if a debugger
>> is present. If no debugger the operative system eats the error and
>> nothing is reported.
> The problem appears to be that the implicit finally block in constructors does not only finalize
> managed variables and temps, but also reposition the exit label so 'exit' statements do not jump
> over the AfterConstruction call. Removing this implicit finally block, as well as compiling with
> {$implicitexceptions off}, breaks the correct behavior.
> For now, I reverted part of r19668 in r19948, so implicit finally blocks are not optimized, and
> added a test.
> The solution to optimize the unnecessary finally blocks without breaking exit behavior is still to
> be found.
More sophisticated patch applied in r19955. If you can test your project with it, that would be just 


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