[fpc-devel] Re: Building the Android branch

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 18 13:48:02 CET 2012

Am 18.12.2012 11:09, schrieb Thomas Schatzl:
>>   > There is a new issue I have never seen before that fpdoc (actually
>>   > cwstring) now wants to link with libiconv which is not available on
>>   > Android (you can build it yourselves though). Simply excluding it from
>>   > the android build would fix that.
>>   >
>>   > Maybe you could have a look?
> Actually, I just tried, "make clean all crosszipinstall" works with a
> recent 2.7.1 snapshot except that you need to patch the
> "_FPC_libc_start" method in rtl/linux/i386/si_c.inc with the latest
> version. I.e. basically, the targetandroid branch needs merging with the
> latest trunk to work again.

Or you could just merge to trunk... might result in a better test user 
coverage as well :)

> Not sure why, but with trunk, utils won't be compiled in a
> crosszipinstall any more automatically. It does not make sense anyway to
> compile target binaries for them anyway since you're going to install on
> the host.
AFAIK that was disabled on purpose some time ago exactly because of that 
>> So building works so far, but the next problem is "crossinstall"... even
>> after I do a normal install for my host system I get the following when
>> trying to do a crossinstall for Android
>> === output begin ===
>> [...]make[5]: Leaving directory `/mnt/data/source/fpc/fpc-android/rtl/android'
>> fpcmake -p -Tarm-android Makefile.fpc
>> Processing Makefile.fpc
>> Error: No targets set
>> [...]
> Use of wrong fpcmake.
> What I typically do, since I'm often working with different fpc
> versions/branches at the same time, is not have a global fpc install. I
> simply copy fpcmake (in utils/fpcm), data2inc (in utils) and the ppc386
> bootstrap snapshot compiler into a directory and add that directory into
> the path.
> So compile the branch once with the 2.7.1 compiler (after applying above
> patch, e.g. make zipinstall PP=...) to get these bootstrap tools, put
> those files into a directory, put that directory into the path and use
> them to compile the targetandroid branch.
> This is of course a totally unsupported way to use fpc and you're on
> your own when doing so :-P ymmv.
I now simply replaced my 2.6.0 fpcmake with one compiled from the 
Android branch and were happy to go :)

So I (this time on Windows) managed to compile and install the branch 
and now just need to check whether it will work...

Now I just need to test whether the Android LCL test application/library 
works... Thank you so far :D


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