[fpc-devel] Breaking change in FPC 2.6.1

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Apr 25 15:17:06 CEST 2012

In our previous episode, Ludo Brands said:
> > that is increasingly happening, with the first D7 supports 
> > disappearing)
> > 
> The underlying problem is that the Delphi Tbookmark definition migrated from
> the simple record tag to something that holds (or can hold) the state of the
> record.  

A reason the more to not rely on implementation details, but treat it as an
opague type as much as possible. 
> > But note that changing it to tbytes IMHO doesn't mean you can 
> > skip freebookmark, if you do that you cut corners, and 
> > program for a specific tdataset
> OK. I understand your point. But now that the dataset implementers, who
> follow 2.7.1 as you indicated, have added freebookmark to their code, can we
> move on the next phase: tbytes? 

> No need to linger on TBookmark=pointer.

Well, are you sure that the whole FPC+Lazarus codebases properly use
freebookmark everywhere?

Kidding, I never expected this much drama. If it is such big deal, and since
we all agree over the eventual (tbytes) outcode let's just fix it.  Make a
patch, but do it in a way that keeps the current behaviour under (not
active) ifdef if possible (nonautomatedbookmark or so).  That way if we want
to cleanup/detect missing freebookmarks, we only have to define that.  That
was probably the whole intended purpose of the exercise anyway. (and I do
encourage people to test their code with that setting)

> If creating the patch is the issue, I'm volunteering ;)

You can do it, if not, I will in the coming days.

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