[fpc-devel] Breaking change in FPC 2.6.1

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Wed Apr 25 14:34:18 CEST 2012

> Yes, for instance if there are external resources like 
> cursors or locks coupled to it, and it is not just a matter 
> of freeing that single block of memory. 
> Afaik the assumption that it is /modeled/ as managed is 
> simply wrong. It is currently modeled as NOT managed, it is 
> just that for historic reasons managed works for the default 
> base TDataset. But descendents don't have to support that 
> (e.g. if they don't support old Delphi versions, something 
> that is increasingly happening, with the first D7 supports 
> disappearing)

The underlying problem is that the Delphi Tbookmark definition migrated from
the simple record tag to something that holds (or can hold) the state of the

> Ideally, in time we want the interface to be the same as 
> current Delphi's.
> But note that changing it to tbytes IMHO doesn't mean you can 
> skip freebookmark, if you do that you cut corners, and 
> program for a specific tdataset

OK. I understand your point. But now that the dataset implementers, who
follow 2.7.1 as you indicated, have added freebookmark to their code, can we
move on the next phase: tbytes? No need to linger on TBookmark=pointer. For
most implementers the TBookmark changes are still fresh in memory and the
sooner we get over with it the better.

If creating the patch is the issue, I'm volunteering ;)

Thanks, Ludo

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