[fpc-devel] Attn Joost: the ampersand in dwarf for var-param

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Fri Jan 14 21:56:38 CET 2011

I just noticed, a (good) change in dwarf 2, fpc trunk (ot I believe I 

in dwarf2, var param (param by ref) where encoded with an &

procedure a(var Foo: TObject):

ptype Foo
type = &TFOO = class : public TOBJECT

whatis Foo
type = &TFoo

Today, I looked at it, and the ampersands are gone?

In Dwarf they where never there, in dwarf the var-param alwas behaved 
like normal var (you would never noticed the extra pointer layer) => 
seems dwarf caught up?


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