[fpc-devel] Errors with make rtl.chk on Windows

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Sun Dec 4 20:28:29 CET 2011

Michael Van Canneyt schrieb:

> I did several things:
> 1. Enable various log levels in parser and scanner. It uses an event 
> handler.
>   (writing to terminal is not possible)
> 2. Route all this logging through the TPasContainer.
>    I tried to remove all direct writes from all backends and other 
> places in fpdoc,
>    so now it should work in a GUI app as well.
> 3. Create a TFPDocCreater component. It contains the CreateDocumentation 
> logic,
>    verbose and dry-run logic, and some more.
>    You should be able to re-use this component as-is, see unit mkfpdoc.pp
> 4. Implemented the --verbose and --dry-run options.

Great :-)

Waiting for a commit of these extensions, and for a description of your 
mkfpdocproj tool...

> These 2 options are not stored in the project file, they must be given 
> on the command-line.
> I do not believe they belong in the project file.

ACK. See my other mail about the options stored in project files.

> Todo: implement a --descr-dir command-line option for fpdoc application. 
> That will scan a directory and add all XML files it finds in that dir to 
> the project.
> I can see why you want such thing, but I think such logic belongs in the 
> command-line tool itself, not in the project description itself.

My solution doesn't deserve an change to the project files, the 
expansion of --descr="dir/*" can be done in TFPDocEngine.AddDocFile, for 
all kinds of invocations. A search also could be started when the 
--descr argument does not specify an ".xml" extension, whereupon the 
argument can be treated as a documentation directory.

I still miss a "required package" option (variation of --import?), 
describing the packages whose content files are required to build a 
dependent package documentation. Since the location of these packages 
can differ on every machine, the user should be alerted when he missed 
to specify the locations of required content files. An error message 
"content file not found" exists already, but it will not be shown when 
fpdoc has no idea of the required content files.

Such an option IMO becomes very important, when e.g. the LCL 
documentation shall be created from a project file. Required packages 
can be handled in an according tool, but even such a tool needs 
informations about required packages.

Another issue are the relative directories, as used in all current 
scripts and project files. E.g. build_lcl_docs invokes fpdoc from the 
HTML directory, so that the project file will contain references 
relative to that directory - which does not normally exist before the 
first invocation of build_lcl_docs! Moving the created project file into 
an safe place will invalidate all contained file references :-(
Should this bad situation be cured in build_lcl_docs, or can we provide 
other assistance?


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