[fpc-devel] Errors with make rtl.chk on Windows

michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Thu Dec 1 13:42:06 CET 2011

On Thu, 1 Dec 2011, Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:

> See Mantis #20786 for details.
> The first problem was the use of single quotes in the generated fpdoc 
> commandline, which are not handled properly by the Windows shell. I fixed 
> this manually, by editing the Makefile.
> Next I get the following error messages:
> ../rtl/unix/sockets.pp(20,15): Could not find include file 'osdefs.inc'
> ../rtl/unix/ipc.pp(26,15): Could not find include file 'osdefs.inc'
> D:\repos\fpc-2.5.trunk\rtl\linux\ptypes.inc(33,15): Could not find include 
> file
> 'ctypes.inc'
> ../rtl/unix/baseunix.pp(24,17): Could not find include file 'aliasptp.inc'
> ../rtl/unix/unix.pp(24,17): Could not find include file 'aliasptp.inc'
> D:\repos\fpc-2.5.trunk\rtl\objpas\classes\classesh.inc(210,18): Expected "," 
> or
> ":" at token "=" in file 
> D:\repos\fpc-2.5.trunk\rtl\objpas\classes\classesh.inc
> at line 210 column 18
> ../rtl/objpas/dateutils.pp(1,17): Could not find include file 'dateutil.inc'
> I'm not sure how to fix these, e.g. 'osdefs.inc' does not exist in the 
> rtl\win or rtl\win32 directories. The compiler options for unix/sockets.pp 
> are:
> -dver1_0 -Fi../rtl/inc -Fi../rtl/win -Fi../rtl/win32
> Perhaps linux/sockets.pp should be replaced by win/sockets.pp?
> Or should the Makefile supply the Linux/Unix include directories, instead 
> those of the current platform (Windows)?

The latter. The paths must be appended, but I already committed a fix for
this (untested, though).

> Also I don't understand the problem with dateutils.pp, options
> -Fi../rtl/objpas -Fi../rtl/win -Fi../rtl/win32
> because dateutil.inc is present in rtl/objpas.
> Can somebody explain what I should try to fix the include file errors?

Just check out the latest version. I committed some fixes that should
improve matters.


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