[fpc-devel] make clean problem with 2.6 fixes bracnh

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Aug 30 12:55:33 CEST 2011

very weird issue;

I have a batch fiel, that does (sucesfull):

make.exe clean  distclean
make.exe all   LINKSMART=1  CREATESMART=1  OPTIMIZE=1  OPT="-gl -O3 -Or 
make.exe install  INSTALL_PREFIX=c:\FPC\fix_2_6_0  COPYTREE=echo 

Then the makefile should execute another
make clean

and that always fails. It appears to dislike the fpmake.exe in fcl-web, 
but that was created by the above (I did delete it before I started the 
overall process, so it was definetly reated by the above)

The error I get:
{ .\fpmake.exe distclean --localunitdir=../.. --globalunitdir=.. 
--os=win32 --cpu=i386 -o -Ur -o -Xs -o -O2 -o -n -o 
-FuC:/FPC/SVN/fix_2_6/rtl -o -FuC:/FPC/SVN/fix_2_6/packages/hash -o 
-FuC:/FPC/SVN/fix_2_6/packages/paszlib -o 
-FuC:/FPC/SVN/fix_2_6/packages/fcl-process -o 
-FuC:/FPC/SVN/fix_2_6/packages/fpmkunit -o -FE. -o -FUunits/i386-win32 
-o -di386 -o -dRELEASE --compiler=c:/FPC/SVN/ppc386_2_4_4.exe; if [ $? 
!= "0" ]; then { echo Something wrong with fpmake exectable. Remove the 
executable and call make recursively to recover.; C:/FPC/SVN/trunk_build/
rm.exe -f .\fpmake.exe; make fpc_cleanall; }; fi;  }
'{' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

the part of the fcl-web makefile that is probably responsibel

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