[fpc-devel] Stellaris Update

John Clymer john at johnclymer.net
Tue Aug 16 12:11:03 CEST 2011

One of my current "fixes" i have in place allows using the PPCCROSSARM compiler 
to compile Pascal to Assembly.  Once in Assembly, the files can be assembled and 
linked like any other program.  So, you have the capability to do just about an 
exotic configuration you want - you just have to do so via assembly rather than 
straight to object code. (If I've missed a way to go directly to an object file 
from a pascal file - I'd be very happy - I didn't see any command line switches 
to compile and generate .o files.)

To accommodate the compile to assembly option was only a 2 line change to 

However, I also agree with the sentiment that the compiler should be 
downloadable and able to produce a binary for people not accustomed to command 
lines, makefiles, etc.  To that end, and to 90% of most conceivable cases, the 
{$FLASH_START}, etc [with some sane defaults] mechanism provides enough power to 
accommodate most of the compilers potential users.


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STM32F103 and other ST Micro M3 parts have the ability to remap the vector 
table.  You can create applications to start anywhere in memory, and use a 
bootloader to remap the table and jump to the new power up vector.  In IAR C 
this is handled in the linker config file.  Someone on the list thought it 
better not to go that route.  However it is done, it should be done at an 
individual application level, not tied to the part.
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