[fpc-devel] Delphi XE2 uses FPC for iOS target

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 23:24:28 CEST 2011

On 11 August 2011 22:33, Sven Barth  wrote:
> I also already thought about using fpGUI, but as a LCL backend. The reason
> is that I have two Windows Mobile LCL applications that are tailored to my

I have created a few GPS related apps using fpGUI (directly) for my
Garmin PDA. It was just to see if I could, and they work quite well.
:) I'm planning on adding a WinCE theme to fpGUI soon, so then such
apps should blend in a bit more - but I'm not to fussed about things
looking different (hey, I work on Linux - where are no standards or
native widgets).

> I'm currently aware of the state of LCL-fpGUI (I never tested it yet) I'll
> need to implement TTreeView...

I really can't say. I simply make LCL-fpGUI compile every now and
again with the latest fpGUI. I don't develop LCL-fpGUI, because I
simply don't have the time to fight with LCL and fpGUI bugs, and
implement new features in fpGUI.

I will offer fpGUI support to anybody that works on LCL-fpGUI though.
So if you do go that route and get stuck with fpGUI concepts, don't
hesitate to send me a mail.

  - Graeme -

fpGUI - a cross-platform Free Pascal GUI toolkit

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