[fpc-devel] FPC 2.6.x branched, trunk becomes 2.7.1

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Aug 3 21:56:19 CEST 2011

In our previous episode, Marcos Douglas said:
> This problem occurs just on Windows, ie, only Windows must have the
> data2inc.exe before run 'make all'?
> Sorry... but I never do this... I know, I know... 'stockmarket' right?

No, it is universal. Some platforms (or better, filesystems) have a bigger
chance of mutilating file dates though.
> > I always "make install" snapshots to a prefix, e.g. ~/builded and then
> > symlink relevant binaries into my path (e.g. from ~/bin to ~/builded/bin/
> > and ~/builded/lib/fpc/x.y.z/ppc386)
> My 'prefix' is the same directory, see the script:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> set myversion=%1
> set myroot=%cd%
> set myFPC=%myroot%\compiler\%myversion%
> set mybinutils=%myroot%\binutils
> set PATH=%mybinutils%\i386-win32;%mybinutils%\x86_64-win64;%mybinutils%\arm-wince;%myFPC%\bin\i386-win32;%PATH%
> cd %myFPC%
> make clean all INSTALL_PREFIX=%myFPC% PP=%mybinutils%\ppc386.exe

I have INSTALL_PREFIX=c:\pp<version> and then have
c:\pp<version>\bin\i386-win32 in my path.

I do this by having batchfiles like:

@echo off
if "%OLDPATH%" neq "" goto :nosave
PATH c:\pp251\bin\i386-win32;%PATH%

for different versions and one separately for cygwin.

This allows me to quickly change toolchains.

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