[fpc-devel] "helper" feature finished

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 5 17:34:42 CEST 2011

Am 05.04.2011 17:06, schrieb Florian Klaempfl:
> Am 05.04.2011 04:27, schrieb Paul Ishenin:
>> I think your branch should be reviewed either by Florian
> I did a quick review and found nothing important, only a few remarks:
> - current_syssym: is it really needed? Can't the type checking be done
> during the type check pass? If it's needed, it should be reset to 0
> somewhere during parser initialization because in case of a fatal error
> when the compiler is compiled into an ide, at the next start
> current_syssym would have a wrong value.

The problem is that basically all references to class helpers are 
forbidden except inside of SizeOf and TypeInfo (and BitSizeOf). Thus 
when one of those symbols is encountered the checks against the use of a 
class helper type reference are already "active". So the only way out I 
have found was the introduction of that current_syssym variable to check 
whether I'm currently inside one of those three functions. If you have 
an idea how to solve this with by using the type check pass I'll be glad 
to do so.

Regarding the initialization: Will do that.

> - Is ibsymtableoptions needed? Couldn't be the value just be written to
> the ppu without a new entry?

It didn't work the first time I added that, but it might be because of 
other errors I had at that time. I'll recheck that to be sure.


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