[fpc-devel] proposal for palette-related graph unit interface changes

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 15 16:39:42 CEST 2010

  Currently, the following palette-related things from the fpc graph 
unit aren't TP7 compatible:

MaxColors (constant)
PaletteType (record)

procedure SetAllPalette(const Palette: PaletteType);
procedure GetPalette(var Palette: PaletteType);
function GetPaletteSize: smallint;
procedure GetDefaultPalette(var Palette: PaletteType);

the most notable difference is the definition of PaletteType, which is 
defined as:

in fpc:

   MaxColors = 255;

   RGBRec = packed record
     Red, Green, Blue: smallint;
   PaletteType = record
     Size: longint;
     Colors: array [0..MaxColors] of RGBRec;

in TP7:

   MaxColors = 15;

   PaletteType = record
     Size: byte;
     Colors: array [0..MaxColors] of shortint;

so the main difference is that fpc's PaletteType represents a VGA 256 to 
RGB colour palette, while TP7's represents EGA's 16->64 palette. My 
proposal is to rename:

MaxColor -> RGBPaletteMaxColor
PaletteType -> RGBPaletteType
SetAllPalette -> SetAllRGBPalette
GetPalette -> GetAllRGBPalette
GetDefaultPalette -> GetDefaultRGBPalette
GetPaletteSize -> GetRGBPaletteSize (this one might be unnecessary - 
will have to check if GetPaletteSize already returns the same values as 
TP7; we might still introduce GetRGBPaletteSize for consistency with the 
other RGBPalette procedures/functions, though)

and then introduce TP7-compatible MaxColors, PaletteType and 
procedures/functions. They'll be made optionally hookable (so the go32v2 
implementation will be able to implement them with the real EGA palette 
registers for maximum compatibility), with a default implementation that 
works on top of SetRGBPalette (similar to the way SetPalette is 
implemented now)

What do you think?

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