[fpc-devel] C++ linking questions

Sven Barth svenmauren at vr-web.de
Sun Mar 21 11:08:08 CET 2010

Hello together!

I've found some time (and inspiration) to work on the C++ linking 
feature again.

Currently I'm trying to implement namespace support, but I've got some 
questions about implementation details.

My current idea is this:

end; namespace FirstPart.SecondPart;

Where FirstPart and SecondPart are identifiers.

1. What do you think about this syntax?

2. What about the order of namespace and external? Should it be 
"namespace (...); external (...);" or "external (...); namespace 
(...);"? Or shall both orders be accepted?

3. How can I parse a not reserved identifier? Checking "idtoken" for 
"_ID", using it with "token" and after usage calling "consume(_ID);"?

4. What about reserved identifiers being used in the namespace which 
might be valid in C++ (e.g. "location", "platform", "register", "object" 
or even "begin")?

5. What's the best way to save the namespace in the tobjectdef class? As 
a string containing 'FirstPart.SecondPart'? Or as C++ mangled string 
'9FirstPart10SecondPart'? Or something else (e.g. a list containing the 

6. If I add a field to e.g. tobjectdef that's written to and loaded from 
ppu files, I need to increase the ppu version, right?


PS: Please CC me, because I'm using Digest Mode and I don't want to mess 
up the thread view. :)

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