[fpc-devel] Need advice for refactoring

Juha Manninen juha.manninen at phnet.fi
Sat Jul 17 15:39:31 CEST 2010


If merging the rapidly diverging branches becomes a real problem, and if Git 
really can merge so much better (which I haven't compared much myself), you 
can always use a local Git repository, then commit and merge (actually rebase) 
there. Like:
  git checkout DoDi_branch
  ... edit ... git commit
  git rebase master

and then synchronize with git-svn link.

I am doing it with Lazarus development. See my instructions here:

I synchronize with trunk only.
You would need to configure git-svn link for 2 branches, trunk for pull-only, 
DoDi_branch for push.


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