[fpc-devel] Compiler bottlenecks]

Adem listmember at letterboxes.org
Wed Jul 14 15:50:13 CEST 2010

  On 2010-07-14 13:29, Thaddy wrote:
> The link is for a very good scaling memorymanager over multi processor 
> systems provided the software is also well written.
> Ivo's memorymanager is even lock free, if you use it properly. 

I hadn't heard about TopMemory till now.

I read the PDF that comes in the download and it seems to be making 
quite a lot of the right noises.

The one thing that caught my eye that might or might not be reason to 
worry is this:

"Memory Usage

Part of the speedup that TopMemory achieves comes from allocating more 
memory then necessary and grouping allocations that are in the same 
sizerange. Therefore your application will use more memory when it runs. 
If you care more about low memory usage then TopMemory is not for you. 
It is optimized for performance at the cost of memory. Which is not 
usually a problem with the amounts of memory even regular PC’s have 
these days. "

There were a couple of charts showing how enredibly useful TopMemory 
could be when speed is the overriding factor, but no indication about 
how hungry it is for memory.

Any comments on that?



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