[fpc-devel] 64-bit Migration (fpc/laz)

London Disney disney.london at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 10 14:45:43 CET 2010

Could anyone direct me to the right person for these please? Some of them
are FPC-user related vs. -developer related but I like to ask them all in

a) How do we use fpc/laz to make Mach-O fat binaries?
b) Which versions was the first to support Intel Macs and which
     version was the first to support G5 64-bit PPC ?
c) How did the community made a tranition to G5 as well as
    the Intel Macs in terms of related modifications in the
    original FPC compilers (which sections in general, was it
    the fpc itself or did you use other compilers, etc )?
d) I am still not used to Cocoa and Objective-C (Intel Leopard 10.5)
    however it makes sense for me to ask how does fpc/laz link to
    the Cocoa libraries/frameworks? So for instance under
    WinTel there's the C/C++ DLLs and the compiler can
    use the right calling conventions (WIN_API) to coimmunicate
    with them (as an interface) -- so what's the mechanism
    for MacOSX ?  LCL does use Cocoa doesn't it ? and if
   I'm not wrong Cocoa is mostly or totally in ObjC...

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