[fpc-devel] Fatal: Compilation aborted

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Thu Jan 7 15:00:41 CET 2010

On 08 Jan 2010, at 00:40, Mimu Bunnylin wrote:

> Strangely enough, I get that too. Seems like the IDE-compiler gets  
> stuck if
> it encounters a specific obscure combination of errors in the  
> program code,
> or maybe after reporting a few hundred of them. The IDE works  
> otherwise
> fine, just compiling refuses to go further than "Compilation  
> aborted." The
> command-line compiler is not affected. Restarting the IDE gets the
> F9-compilation running again and reporting errors right.
> I think this has only happened to me if there were errors to be  
> reported.
> Never hung yet when compiling error-free code.

The problem is that the compiler contains quite a lot of global  
variables. When the compiler is used from the command line (or when  
the IDE is initially started), these are all 0. When you have multiple  
compilations within one execution (such as with multiple compilations  
in the IDE), these variables must be explicitly reinitialised for each  
compilation, or the next compilation can be influenced by the results  
of the previous one. These initialisations are however forgotten from  
time to time.


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