[fpc-devel] custom ThreadManager and MemoryMutexManager for hard realtime

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Wed Jan 6 12:38:01 CET 2010

Michael Schnell schrieb:
> Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>> Did you look at the xenomai website?
> Seemingly you need to do your own device drivers and not use any Linux
> system calls in your realtime process, that seems to run Linux in a kind
> of virtualization.

Hard real time causes a lot of limitation, indeed.
> So FPC programming for realtime would require to prevent FPC from
> creating Linux system calls. Thus you need a modified RTL (e.g. for
> memory management).

Guess why the topic of this thread is "custom ThreadManager and
MemoryMutexManager" ;)

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