[fpc-devel] Defines layout for mips

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Thu Nov 26 10:03:17 CET 2009

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho wrote:
> make all TARGET_OS=linux TARGET_CPU=mipsel
> and in the future someone could possibly use
> make all TARGET_OS=linux TARGET_CPU=mips
> To target the mipseb.

Looks good to me.

Please do consider to allow for TARGET_CPU=NIOS2 (or "nios2", is this
case sensitive ?), additionally, for a future port to that CPU.

> But looking at the arm port, it doesn't seam to be done this way,
> there is a general arm define and other more specific for big endian
> and little endian. But maybe arm is different, because in mips eb or
> el is very important, you cannot switch the most in software, and
> mipsel is the most common.

I don't know whether both possible ARM endian versions are completely
supported by FPC. AFAIK, Linux nowadays mainly supports little endian.
Am I right ?  (I doubt that any decent user software switches the
endieness of the ARM CPU "on the fly".)

What did you find when looking at the current MIPS port "beta". Is it in
a state that is worth building on or is it too old or to little advanced
or too chaotically done, so that building on the working ARM port seems
more appropriate ?

> I think that the existing defines should be changed from mips to
> mipsel, to match the Linux target namming. But I am not sure. 

I feel the same ways.


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