[fpc-devel] Save the current FPC UnicodeString!

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Tue Nov 10 14:19:38 CET 2009

I don't see why using D2009 strings would hurt that much.

If there is a compiler option to encode string constants as utf-16 or
maybe an additional plain 16 Bit String type, that encoding would
automatically be used for the "Strings" and thus all have the same
encodings and in fact are reference counting WideStrings.

The string handling functions would need to compare the character size
and encoding (both are stored in a 32 bit word), see that they are equal
and now call the original wide string handling functions.

So maybe we just additionally need that "plain 16 Bit" encoding type for
the D2009 Strings.


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