my fault [Re: [fpc-devel] oddity with dwarf debug / fpc]

Martin lazarus at
Sat Nov 7 19:16:42 CET 2009

Sorry my fault.

I forgot to compile the actual project with dwar...

But it raises another question. If the LCL + SynEdit + all of that is 
compiled with dwarf info, and the project is compiled with stabs => how 
come any debug info for Synedit is included.

and still why different levels?

Martin wrote:
> I have compile all of lazarus with dwarf, and then compiled a project 
> with dwarf, using Synedit (wich is also compiled with dwarf)
> I can set a breakpoint in any unit in synEdit => works
> (The project is just a form with a synedit on it.  The breakpoint is 
> set in the constructor of some of the objects created in synedit. so 
> the stack below is during startup.)
> Except for the stackframes returned are somewhat odd.
> again all units have been compiled with dwarf => Yet even units within 
> the same synedit package differ in their result
> Why do some units not show the readable format, including line numbers?
> Besides the linenumbers must be stored somewhere, since I was able to 
> set a breakpoint there (and execution stopped at the breakpoint....
> stack=[
> frame={level="3",addr="0x005507e1",func="CREATE",file="synedit.pp",fullname="C:/lazarus_latest/components/synedit/synedit.pp",line="1568"}, 
> frame={level="4",addr="0x00439461",func="READCOMPONENT",file="../objpas/classes/",fullname="C:/FPC/SVN/trunc/rtl/win32/../objpas/classes/",line="875"}, 
> frame={level="5",addr="0x00439a15",func="READDATA",file="../objpas/classes/",fullname="C:/FPC/SVN/trunc/rtl/win32/../objpas/classes/",line="976"}, 
> frame=
> ....
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