[fpc-devel] FPC 2.4.0rc1 and bug #15206

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Mon Dec 7 14:19:02 CET 2009

On 07 Dec 2009, at 13:44, Sergey Bochkanov wrote:

>> occurs with FPC 2.2.4, that is not the case... On the other hand,  
>> have
>> you tried compiling it with FPC 2.4.0rc1? Maybe the bug is already
>> fixed.
> Yes,  I've tried it with 2.4.0.rc1 (see additional note in bugtracker)
> - it is still there :(
> Tomorrow  I'll  try  with 2.4.0.rc1 under Win64 - to see whether it is
> specific for Linix + x86_64 , or appears in x86_64 on any platform.

Everything compiles fine here on Linux/i386 and Linux/x86_64, although  
with 2.5.1 (I don't have a 2.4.0 available right now for those  
platforms, but on the other hand I can't think of any changes since  
2.4.0 was branched off that could influence this). It also compiles  
fine on Mac OS X/ppc with 2.4.0rc1.

> Looks   like   that  this  bug  is  non-deterministic  (see  notes  in
> bugtracker).   It   depends   on   presence   of  files  not  actually
> used/compiled,  and  it sometimes disappear for unknown reasons. I may
> send  you  VirtualBox  image  of  Ubuntu-64  (I am running Linux under
> VirtualBox) if you have difficulties reproducing this bug.

You may want to compile the compiler with debug info: download the  
sources, go into the fpc directory and type
   make OPT="-O- -gl" all

Afterwards use resulting compiler/ppcx64 to compile the program (you  
don't have to install it or so, since you already have the 2.4.0rc1  
units installed). You should now get file names and line numbers next  
to the backtrace when the compiler crashes.

> May   be we should try with a small subset of the most stable units? I
> can  generate  build/check  scripts  for  these units  and you can try
> integrating  it  into your unit-testing framework. It  should  be easy
> to  integrate   -  it  is  just  a  Bash   script  which  subsequently
> compiles/runs  unit  tests  (if  you use another scripting tool, I may
> rewrite scripts).

Our tests are very simple:
a) their file names have to start with "t" and the extension has to be  
b) if they require special command line options, they have to be  
mentioned in the first line of the test program file like this:  
{ %opt=-Mdelphi -Si }
c) the test programs have to exit with exit code 0 if they were  
successful, and with a non-zero exit code otherwise

The tests are automatically compiled and run by a Makefile (which  
compiles/runs all files in our test directories conforming to the  
pattern mentioned a) above)


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