[fpc-devel] FPC 2.4.0rc1 and bug #15206

Sergey Bochkanov shadeofgray at yandex.ru
Mon Dec 7 13:44:45 CET 2009


> occurs with FPC 2.2.4, that is not the case... On the other hand, have
> you tried compiling it with FPC 2.4.0rc1? Maybe the bug is already  
> fixed.

Yes,  I've tried it with 2.4.0.rc1 (see additional note in bugtracker)
- it is still there :(

Tomorrow  I'll  try  with 2.4.0.rc1 under Win64 - to see whether it is
specific for Linix + x86_64 , or appears in x86_64 on any platform.

Looks   like   that  this  bug  is  non-deterministic  (see  notes  in
bugtracker).   It   depends   on   presence   of  files  not  actually
used/compiled,  and  it sometimes disappear for unknown reasons. I may
send  you  VirtualBox  image  of  Ubuntu-64  (I am running Linux under
VirtualBox) if you have difficulties reproducing this bug.

> If it doesn't have any external dependencies and preferably is cross
> platform (endian safe, no reliance on 80 bit floating point precision
> nor on intermediate calculations being performed using 80 bit  
> precision), I think that could indeed be a good addition.

Well, it is aimed to be cross-platform:
1. no external dependencies
2.  no  explicit   reliance   on   internal   80-bit  floating   point
3. should work with any kind of endianness

However,    I   should  say that (3) wasn't tested because I have only
x86_64   hardware   at   my   hands. And real testing with FPC is just
in  the beginning - it is the first week I've decided to switch to FPC
and  to  abandon Delphi. So there are two units which still fail tests
(may be, tolerances are too stringent... I am still investigating it).

May   be we should try with a small subset of the most stable units? I
can  generate  build/check  scripts  for  these units  and you can try
integrating  it  into your unit-testing framework. It  should  be easy
to  integrate   -  it  is  just  a  Bash   script  which  subsequently
compiles/runs  unit  tests  (if  you use another scripting tool, I may
rewrite scripts).

With best regards,
 Sergey                          mailto:shadeofgray at yandex.ru

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