[fpc-devel] Documentation for FCL files not already in the FreePascal docs

Chris Kirkpatrick chris.kirkpatrick at doctors.org.uk
Wed Nov 5 13:39:41 CET 2008

I am trying to provide documentation for the LCL (as .xml files using 
FPDoc and tools in the Lazarus IDE).

In the unit Graphics, there are several Components that inherit 
properties and methods from components and units in the FCL, including
FPImgCmn, FPImage, FPCanvas,
  FPReadPNG, FPWritePNG,
  FPReadBMP, FPWriteBMP, 
  FPReadPNM, FPWritePNM,  
  FPReadJpeg, FPWriteJpeg.

For example, when trying to write definitions for TPen, TBrush, TCanvas 
etc, I am constantly finding references to TFPCanvas, TFPBrush and other 
components in FPCanvas.

As far as I can see, there are no documentation files for these Units, 
and when I try to create a documentation entry I get an error message 
(see attached).

I need advice: either we need documentation files created by the FPC 
developers, or I need to try to create documentation files using 
MakeSkel and then submit them as patches (unless the FPC team are 
prepared to allow me to commit changes to the Docs directory in SVN).

Please advise.
Regards - Chris
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