[fpc-devel] Need patch for bugs : 0011503 / 0009472

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Thu Jun 19 14:16:59 CEST 2008

On Thu, 19 Jun 2008, Boian Mitov wrote:

>    Hi Michael,
> Thank you! I will be looking into the code, and see if I can add the
> functionality with some switch. We may redo the code, however it will probably
> take well over a year for fully rewriting it all, and it may not be
> necessarily a smart thing. Delphi unlike C++ does not have any form of
> function or block enclosement, and the interfaces are the closest thing to
> functional enclosement we have, aside from the error prone try/finally pair.
> If we lose it, we lose a major development tool :-( . It surely downgrades the
> Pascal language a notch. I hope however that sometime in the future we will
> finally have a real functional enclosement in Pascal, but who know ;-) .

I can see that you really want this feature, this is for sure.

However, nowhere you write WHY you need this feature; 

The behaviour you seem to expect is wrong by definition.

As stated: 
There are *no* leaks. The memory is freed at procedure exit; 

This is just a little later than what you expect. (you expect it right after the :=Nil;) 
So WHY do you expect/need this behaviour ? 

What architectural decision makes this necessary ?

I am asking this because I find it hard to believe that you would
write conciously code which really depends on this feature.


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