[fpc-devel] FreePascal on ARM Linux ,SoftFloat and EABI issues

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Jun 2 11:57:00 CEST 2008

> Michael Schnell escribi?:
> > 
> >> Let me remind you that i am dont use a Cross compiler, but an emulated 
> >> Arm machine.
> >>   
> > That is "interesting", but is it really useful ? Cross-compiling seems 
> > more "standard". 
> But it has its own set of problems. I'm not really dedicated enough, but 
> I never managed to cross-compile complex projects (by "complex" I mean 
> "with various dependencies on external libraries").
> Native is so much easier....once you get the ball rolling (but then the 
> same could be said for cross-compiling)
> Anyway, it seems that an emulated arm machine, while slower than 
> cross-compiling, is faster than the real arm hardware.

It is possible, and in the buildfaq there is an example (lazarus from
windows to linux).

Note that crosscompiling is not free of problems anyway. Sometimes the
binaries simply don't work, I always blamed it on the cross binutils though.

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